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Below are seven of the best, proven life insurance and annuity marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales articles, with Six FREE extremely detailed reports, to help you to quickly grow your sales and income... in spite of what the economy is doing! There is no cost or obligation. We just want you to get to know a little about the Insurance Pro Shop, to see how we are helping agents and advisors to quickly double and triple their life insurance and annuity sales ...in 60 to 180 days!

We are dedicated life insurance & annuity marketing & sales trainers - NOT recruiters!

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What's Keeping You From Making
A Six-Figure Income?

Let's face it, the 'Hot, New' products and sales ideas that are being hyped out there, along with the 'Old Fashioned' typical insurance marketing and sales techniques that have been taught during the past 40 years or more by our companies, recruiters and even the industry gurus have resulted in a deplorable 90% failure rate for new agents, and a very disappointing income of only $40,000 - $60,000 (after expenses) for most experienced agents and advisors. And with today’s struggling economy the situation is getting even worse!

There’s no question that most insurance companies, IMOs, agencies and brokerage firms have the products, tools and training you need to make some quick sales, once you're in front of a qualified prospect. However, what they don’t have are proven, transferrable systems for you to attract a steady stream of the right, high quality prospects, who want and can afford what you are offering right now!

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5 Simple Tips To Make Your Sales Soar

Everyday we get phone calls from advisors asking if we can really help them. Can we really show them how they can make generate more life insurance leads and annuity leads, set more appointments and close more sales? Can we help them to do it easier, with less work and frustration?

Based on my experience, the answer is a very definite “yes.” In the 30 years I have been training and coaching agents and advisors (and the 15 years of study and work experience to get here), I have found some incredibly simple and yet powerful techniques to help people achieve the success they desire in sales. However, when I say incredibly simple, I’m not saying it’s easy or it doesn’t require study, work and commitment.

Consider, many times we already know the changes we must make, we are just too busy or too overwhelmed by day-to-day business matters to implement them.  Most of us know everything we need to do, to succeed. The only thing we are lacking is a detailed plan.

Here are five incredibly simple things your can do to make your sales soar:

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The First 'Insider Secret' To
Closing 9 Out Of 10 Sales

Whether you are selling LTCI, life insurance, health insurance, cancer insurance, annuities, mutual funds or your financial planning services, there is a huge mistake that is keeping you from taking your career to the very top of the industry.

No matter what you are selling, if you want to close a higher percentage of your sales calls, there is a little insider secret known by the top producers that most insurance agents, financial advisors and financial planners don't know and may never find out. Whether you are selling LTCI, life insurance, health insurance, cancer insurance, annuities, mutual funds or your financial planning services, there is a huge mistake that is keeping you from taking your career to the very top of the industry. It’s the first key to closing 9 out of 10 sales appointments. It’s the key to closing much larger sales. It’s the key to people seeing you as a trusted advisor, rather than just a salesperson. It’s the key to a consistent flow of referrals.

Have I got your attention? So, what’s this little secret?

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Mortgage Insurance
'The Great Door Opener'

It's The Quickest Way To Find Great Life Insurance Leads!

Let's face it; with the current struggling economy and high unemployment rates, getting in the prospects door to sell life insurance has become increasingly more difficult for most life insurance agents. Especially for those agents who are just pushing a life insurance product, instead of helping people to find a solution to a problem!

If you want to succeed selling life insurance today, then you must find a problem that most people quickly recognize and want to solve.

These days, isn't job security a thing of the past for many Americans? Companies that manage to stay afloat in the current market are usually forced to cut staff. Employees, who have worked in the same position for years, even decades, can find themselves out of work, with no income or benefits. But should a person who has fallen victim to the current economy lose their home, too? Isn't the home mortgage the biggest financial expense for most families?

Mortgage Protection Insurance is more important now than ever, and it's a great door opener!

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How to Sell Fixed, Indexed and Variable Annuities Despite All The Bad Publicity!

Everyday, we have hundreds of financial advisors visiting our Web sites or calling us searching for tips on "how to sell annuities," especially with all of the headlines telling people, that annuities are an unsuitable investment for retirees. They want to know how to convince people who don't trust annuities to embrace them as a way to ensure they won't outlive their money.

Unfortunately, when we lay it all out for them, they don't want to hear it. They still want to believe there's a quicker solution that doesn't involve taking the time to read and study. They want a simple idea that will magically attract hundreds of people to them who already want an annuity. These are the same people who will spend thousands of dollars each year on Internet leads or on an annuity sales system that makes outrageous claims, like promising overnight success while selling from home in your underwear. I hope you are not one of those people.

I guess what I'm asking you is, are you ready to learn the real "insider secrets" to selling annuities? Yes? Then, let's begin!

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How to Market and Sell Cash Value Life Insurance ...In Spite of the Recession

Four years ago, in anticipation of the current meltdown of the economy, we wrote a series of articles about how you can make your life insurance sales career ‘Recession Proof’! We think many of the life insurance marketing, prospecting, appointment setting and sales ideas, tips and strategies in those articles need repeating today in view of what's been happening in our economy.

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101 Of The Very Best Insurance Marketing And Prospecting Tips,
Ideas And Advice...

What most agents, advisors and planners are missing, is that if you want to make it much easier to generate a constant stream of the 'Ideal Insurance Prospects' to set more appointments and close more sales, then you need get your name out there, as the most trusted and respected financial advisor, in your local community. You want to become the expert that people want to meet with.

“Prospecting should not be a problem for anyone selling insurance. It should be a process.
However, prospecting IS a problem for most of us, simply because a process can take some
time and effort to set up - and even more time and effort before it begins to produce results.”
Dan Vinal

Here is a list of 101 of the very best, proven, and cost-effective insurance marketing and prospecting tips, ideas and advice. These tips, ideas and advice are designed to get you off to a quick start… but more importantly, if they are used properly and your message is focused on helping people to identify and solve their financial problems, you will guarantee your long-term success.

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